Newspaper journalism, in which I spent the first six years of my career, forms the core of my editorial qualifications — a thought process that allows me to separate the wheat from the chaff, the discipline to adhere to deadlines (and not panic when they’re missed) and the presence of mind to ensure all content is placed in context.

My Core Competencies Are

  • A fundamental understanding of business and commerce
  • Knowledge of the broad domestic and global policy framework
  • The skill of judgement, honed by years of news selection

I started out on the sports pages of Maharashtra Herald, Pune, in 2004, just before the Athens Olympics got underway. To this day, I measure my work experience by counting the Olympics since and multiplying by four. After a year with the Herald, I moved to Hindustan Times, Mumbai, into the World and Science sections, which were more in keeping with my interests. After two years of covering the world, I longed for a chance to work on the business desk; that wish was fulfilled when I joined DNA Money in Mumbai. Three years later, it was time to return to Pune and I discovered CRISIL had an opening in my hometown. The coincidence was fortuitous, and I still find the timing incredible.

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Work Experience

  • Responsible for three pages of foreign sports content along with a colleague. Also responsible for proofing the local sports page and editing stories for the same
  • International stories handled: The Athens Olympics, Vijay Singh’s dethroning of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus’ retirement, Wayne Rooney’s first match for Man U and the infamous dive, Lance Armstrong’s seventh Tour de France title (since scrapped), and Roger Federer’s becoming the first man after Mats Wilander in 1988 to win three Grand Slams in a year.
  • News under the Tricolour: Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore’s bagging of the Silver at Athens (Men’s Double Trap), Sania Mirza’s arrival on the tennis scene, NarainKarthikeyan’s first year in Formula 1 and a lot of India-Pakistan cricket.
  • Worked on, and later briefly led the world desk and the science page (Life, the Universe…), besides subbing stories for other sections such as nation and metro. The job entailed manning wires generating content for graphics, page-making and co-ordinating with the Delhi desk over coverage
  • Executed Hindustan Times Mumbai’s special package on the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US.The week-long package in 2006 dealt with how the attacks have transformed our daily lives, changes in flying, counter-terrorism measures deployed by nations,and the War on Terror.
  • Had a short, three-month stint on the Nation desk.
  • Worked in DNA Money, the business news section. Started with the banking page, but subsequently handled all news (bond market, government policy, commodities, global business infrastructure, retail, IT, hospitality and columns by experts, etc), spending the longest time on personal finance and global news pages.
  • Created all pages for the month-long run-up to the Union Budget in 2009. Co-ordinated with reporters for stories, organised data and visuals through researchers and info-graphists, and executed the run-up according to schedule.
  • Reported a few aviation stories and interviewed Naresh Goyal, chairman, Jet Airways.
  • Work in CRISIL’s Global Research & Analytics division, which undertakes research for third parties. Handle reports of varying complexities (including user manuals for CDO-calibration models) for multiple clients, besides pitching in for RfPs, RfIs, proposals and internal documents as part of a pool of editors.
  • Investment rating reports, fund commentaries and QC reviews of documents edited by others form bulk of current work.
  • Provided dedicated support to the Asian unit of a global I-bank; interacted directly with head of research. Successfully transitioned editorial support for a buy-side MNC client.
  • Familiar with multiple style guides and variations in English (UK, US and Australian)
  • From January 2011 to March 2014, worked in the CRISIL Research division, where I edited introductory reports on all companies listed on the National Stock Exchange. The three-year project was part of the exchange’s initiatives aimed at educating retail investors.

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